Friday, May 8, 2009

The Dutch Oven Sourdough Biscuit Story

Gramps Famous Dutch Oven Sourdough Biscuits
This is a Burrows Family favorite, Gramps is the King of the Biscuit. I hope you will try them and enjoy. They are great with butter and jam, (honey up on the hunt)!!Gramps Famous Dutch Oven Sourdough BiscuitsFirst take the Sourdough StarterAdd 4 Cups of Flour4 Cups of Milk or water, heat to luke warmMix in starter and let sit over night. (we wrap up like a package with a towel to keep it warm), interesting fact, some sheep herders take it to bed with them to keep it warm!
Next Morning, TAKE OUT THE START! (ABOUT 1/2 CUP FOR NEXT TIME)Add to the starter mix,2 eggs4 teaspoons cooking oil2 teaspoons of soda1 teaspoon salt4 Tablespoons sugar1 package yeastAdd Flour, about 4 Cups and mix until you have bread dough consistency and then knead for5 minutesThen let it sit again for 6 hours, covered and keep warm, wrap up again, let it riseYou need briquets about 12 on top and 6 underneath for a 12inch dutch oven, so make sure to start coals in the little chimney, about 20 minutes before you are ready to make biscuits.
Break out the Dutch Oven and make sure it is clean, (don't use soap), we use cooking oilYou need to preheat the Dutch Oven, in the fire or over a burner, until it is hot enough you can't touch, not sure how hot, just hot enoughThen,
Time to work with the dough, take the lid off and keep warm in fire or over burner until done with dough.Take the dutch oven off burner and pour about 1/4 cup of cooking oil into the dutch oven, then put a 1 inch piece of wood or rock under one leg, to tilt to one side, so oil pools in one side.
After 6 hours the dough should have risen to top of bowl or bucket, and add some flour as needed to break off dough and roll into baseball size rolls, add flour as needed to keep them so they don't stick to your fingers. Knead them in your hand to make a nice round biscuit. Then roll the biscuit in the oil and stack in dutch oven, should be able to get at least 12 biscuits.We are read to get them to rise, take the lid out of the fire and then let the dutch sit with the preheated warm lid for about 20 minutes to let them rise, NO Peaking, don't take the lid off.....I know it is tempting, but don't do it. You will lose the heat.
Ok, we are finally ready to Cook,Take 6 briquet's and form a 6 inch circle on ground or cement. Then we put the Dutch oven over the briquet's and then put 12 more on the top. Then Cook for 50 minutes and don't take off the lid until they are done. This should be about 350 degrees inside the dutch oven. Then after 50 minutes, open the dutch oven, and you will be hungry but now and ready to eat. They Go great with Steak or Stew! I love them with lots of butter and jam. Gramps says it is always a camp favorite on the Deer Hunt.
So next time you are in South Jordan, Utah you can stop buy and trade sourdough biscuits stories with Ron. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amanda's Handy Trail Assistant

Amanda was home for the weekend from OSU. She got to judge the trail class at the Will Rogers Classic Horse show. It was fun to see her come back and judge a show that she started out horse showing, my how time flies...........She is smiling in between classes with her good looking trail assistant Cole Mitchell, an OSU cowboy, aka the new man!

The horse show went well, and I brought Call out today and rode her in a few classes. We had a great time! The weather was absolutely awesome, I love Spring.............time to yaya, spring forward/time has changed. See you all soon,

Kathy B-

(Cathy I figured out my log on, yeah!!)